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Love this journal I’ve been using it every morning and it has helped me reach my goals and also be more positive about life! It has helped me out so much

Love this journal!

This book helped me so much! I love it

The best thing i’ve ever got!

I have improved my life so much writing it in my journal, I am so much more organised and grateful for everything. I couldn’t recommend enough x


i love this journal so much! it’s so motivational and i love how it’s designed and the layout is amazing.


I love my journal. It keeps me on track with my long term goals and helps me reflect every day. It helps you track your activity, mood, what you eat and drink and how you feel every day. Would recommend to anyone!

So good!

i’m absolutely loving this journal. It’s been really helping with my mindfulness, it’s great to set out goals for the day. It’s also so helpful for eating water, writing down your exercise, planning your meals, etc. Such good quality too!

I love this diary

This diary has really helped me focus and visualise. It is the perfect start and end to my day. Before I got this diary I was so confused and overwhelmed with what I should be writing down daily etc. But with these questions and sections the daily routine diary has really helped me! 10/10 would highly recommend


I’m in love with my journal!! I’ve been journaling for about 2 years now and ever since I’ve used ‘the house of routine’s’ diary, I’ve felt more uplifted with my mornings! I love how the pages are all structured and easy to use and I actually get things done when I write them down!!!
Hands down the best diary I’ve used so far xxx

Life changer

I love this diary because not only can you start at any time, you can create an amazing lifestyle. I loved being organised & this is the diary for it!

I love this!

Such a lovely journal, I’ve been writing in it every morning and it’s so good for feeling organised and having a plan to your day to help you achieve a long term goal! The journal itself is beautiful and such good quality.

Amazing diary!

This diary has been so helpful in my daily life especially during lockdown. My mental health was pretty bad and being able to write down my goals and ways to overcome it helped in amazing ways! I highly recommend getting this journal for daily life. Now that I’m out of lockdown it is helping me with my travels.

Loved it!

This journal is so great for giving me structure in the day! I also love the little features that keep you focused on your mental health

love it !

I got this routine journal and it's such a great way to keep up my habits and build new routines! The packaging is so nice, and I love the color! :)

The Daily Routine Journal

The best journal you’ll ever have

This journal is honestly a game changer! It has definitely been an amazing addition to my daily routine.

Little book of perfect !

Love this book/diary! It helped me keep track of my goals and keep focused!

Perfect way to wind down and visual the next day. Keeps me organised and helps me stay on track !

The Daily Routine Journal


I’m usually a free, flowing writer when it comes to journaling. But it’s been a nice change to switch up to The Routine. It’s pre-set fields such as exercise, water & snacks consumed, etc., have been such wonderful reminders to have on a daily basis.


I love my journal. Makes me feel way more organised and set for the day!!

Such a beautiful book

I love my journal, really helps with focusing on my goals and taking steps every day to get them done. Great investment in yourself.

Love it!

The planner is probably one of the best planner I have used! Great for your scheduling, mind and soul!


So easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to look at.
The journal is easily laid out and so user friendly, while I’ve never been great at tracking my goals the house of routine have made it so simple and enjoyable for me


I love this so much! I’m honestly so much more productive at the moment it feels so good and I honestly credit this book.

Excellent Journal

This journal keeps all your goals and ambitions in check, making it the perfect place to store all your thoughts and plans!
Using this alongside a daily diary is also extremely helpful.

All in One Place

I never found a journal to fit my needs, which caused me to literally make my own templates on blank pieces of paper. Needless to say, my drafts were somewhat effective but not at all organized or clean. This is what I love about the Daily Routine Journal!!!! It put together all of the areas I needed in one place PLUS it is very neat and aesthetically pleasing!